Thursday, April 15, 2004

It's spring.....absolutely beautiful.

Today I fertilized the lawn; the next chore is to top-dress and reseed to fill in all the "polka dots" left from Dunny Dog!

I love to see the new growth. Crocuses in fresh colours of purple, lavender, bright sunny yellow and cream. The snowdrops are wonderful little things - so fragile looking but they flower in March..sometimes under the snow! How wonderful is that?

Tomorrow is my birthday. *Ahem*.

I made a skirt...a skirt that will actually fit! I'm so happy. Tonight I was going to cut out a top, but alas its now 8:30 and I'm not in the mood to make a mess of something new. So I will surf the net for inspiration.

Tomorrow is my birthday. *Ahem*.

My sister-in-law survived her ordeal - brain surgery. Amazing and wonderful and I'm so very happy.