Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More pretty things....

I received this pin from Adam and Sabrina....I like the old-fashion look to it and the movement in the feathers

a feather in my new cap!

and the little portable docking station for my ipod nano

oh...and the best for last ..... Namaste knitting bag....isn't she a beauty?

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas time...some traditions were left behind this year, given a rest....some new ones tried...I enjoyed every gathering we went to this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...our turkey is cooking today...yummm.

I'll let the pictures speak. My Solstice Fire
The tree on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning breakfast


Namaste...The most beautiful (knitting) bag I've ever seen...it's a treasure and a gift from my best pal Leslie.

The felted hat Leslie made just for me...very clever.

..a gift from Karen...for my Moroccan theme patio next summer

The loot from "Unwind" Boxing Day sale.

More sale yarn in the process of being made into "Urchin".

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Campbell clan...

Our wintery front...before the BIG snowfall....always a ready chair front and back because I do sit out there, even for a few minutes from time to time, with a big mug of tea, wrapped in a wooly scarf and sometimes I even bring the car rug - my grandfather's old wool plaid blanket - out with me.

Silverbells hanging by my front door.
I agree with my pal, that this will be a long winter...but maybe not! Maybe it will end early - like this week with a forecasted meltdown due. Crazy weather. The snow is pretty if one does not have to drive anywhere. I love the quiet muffled hush of the snow covered earth.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Do you ever wonder.................who might be lurking around your blog......someone from the past perhaps? I wonder all the time if ________ is here, or if _______ ever pops in, that's if _______even remembers me. Crazy.

This time of year, 2 days ago in fact, I always think of Christine Thea Partridge, my childhood friend, it would have been her 59th birthday on the 18th but she left this world 3 days before her 54th birthday. Christine was an original technogeek and started me on this blog 6 1/2 years ago when one could only write and the choice of templates was limited to two, I think. She would be so happy that the blog is now so easy and colourful and I can even add pictures!

More Christmas baking is done...tiny mince tarts, butter tarts with "soy nuts" instead of peacans. Because of Sab's allergy, I'm making a nut-free platter of treats.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's beginning to look...............

Outside and.....
...... inside

I baked these cookies last night...the tray is empty tonight

The tree...it's skinny, it's fake, and I like it

Thank you Morocco.....delicious and sweet
This weekend I focused on Christmas preparations. I wrapped gifts. I went to the mall with son #2..yes the mall but it wasn't too bad and the best part is, that I don't ever have to go back there for some time now.
I baked sugar cookies - little stars and jam sandwiches. Our annual Campbell "Do" is this coming weekend and my contribution is to be a tray of Christmas treats. I still have some teeny-tiny butter tarts to make as well as mincemeat tarts, shortbreads and perhaps a Cardamom cake..yum.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mild snowy nights, Friday and Saturday, muffled sounds, sparkle-y snow, stillness.

Ice blue sunny skies and air that is so very cold, that was today, Sunday.

Getting the house ready for Christmas. Making lists. Shopping plans.