Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thank You Leslie my best bud! What a wonderful gift.
You may look at this spade and ask "what is so wonderful about this tool?" Well, for starters, look at where my hands are. A typical ordinary spade would have a long pole only and you would grasp the pole one hand above the other, place your foot on the spade and dig in. But, in that position you must twist your body to get around the spade. Not so with this dandy lime green handle. Also, one can use the strength of your arms as well as the big push from your foot to get into the dirt. It's brilliant. A fabulous tool for anyone with back problems and me with tender new knees.
Thanks and hugs to you.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Knitting...well I'm finishing up some, really, I'm finishing up one sock and then I have to do the other one!

The scarf...and it's a secret...I don't think Sab visits for her grad. I think I had confirmation tonight that she loved the softness and the colours; when she saw the project laying about. It's cashmere and silk and to touch it is Divine.

Hahahaha very hair way to short....and a picture way way to close.

Some pictures from around the back...........I love the lushness of this season

Jack..................................and................................the chicks birdbath

What will become of me now? "BEFORE" I was going to be a t-shirt. But, I really didn't think this shape was going to work for me; so...........

I bought a used copy of "Becoming Jane" and I pulled that whole t-shirt apart and this is what I got........"After"....just waiting for an inspiration.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Snowdrops...this photo was taken about mid-April. I want to photograph this same little spot of the garden as it changes over the season.

May 4...the snowdrops are all but little whispy bits now and the tulips have taken over. I can see a little fern beginning to uncurl. Who will put on the next show in this little spot? Wait and see. Today I "graduated" from physio knee class. 7 weeks of intense work and my knees are doing just fine. The left knee is fabulous, the right...well at times it gives me a bit of trouble and doesn't quite feel like my knee. Of course it isn't completely a real is difficult to explain the feeling...heavy, dull, empty, like that portion of my leg doesn't exist. Like the feeling of numbness AND sensitivity to the skin around my knees...these are all feelings that other patients are familiar with. How can something be numb and sensitive at the same time??? I don't know.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

A milestone! Look at the flexion in that knee and the straight hips. Dare I say the stairs are becoming easier??
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