Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My latest yarn purchase...I'm going to make another cowl (in a tighter gauge) for my new winter coat and perhaps a hat as well. The colour is beautiful..soft mint-ish green with a hint of blue and turquoise. I can't wait to wind it off and get going.
My new up-lifted look! Looking at the picture of me with my cousins I really really and I mean REALLY noticed that I had to do some serious underwear shopping...I was looking more than a tad "droopy". On Saturday, Sab, her mom and sister and I headed to Toronto for a bra fitting and low and behold the girl found me two bras that were underwired AND comfortable. I didn't think those two words go together. Like most people who go for a professional fitting, I was amazed at the size I was wearing that was totally wrong and what my new size really is. 36C is really 34F!!!

The garden last Tuesday....way too early for snow...we always get this tease mid-fall...just to get us prepared - snow tires, find the shovels, find the gloves and hats and put away the summer furniture!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This weekend was about finishing incomplete objects....visit with family...enjoy the cool sunny days. I did not get to Toronto for my shot of inspiration...I slept in Saturday morning. I was enjoying that sleep so much...the thought of getting up and ready for a bus trip to the city...well I just drifted back to never never land. I woke up gently and took my first cup of coffee out to the swing. This "Claude" sweater has been haunting me...I changed the top part which was way too open. But, this size is so all wrong for must be at least 2 sizes too big and too short...It will be my going-out-to-dig-in-the-garden sweater!! Sad. Disappointing when things don't turn out. But we learn.
This is the real "Claude". So pretty and functional and perhaps I will have another go at it some day.
I love this Stella McCartney
Cousins...Lynne from Denmark whom I hadn't seen in 41 years, me in the middle, and her sister Heather on the right..who normally doesn't scowl like that. The girls were here to help their dad sort things out.

On the knitting front, I'm going great guns with my socks. Watched two movies over the weekend "Then She Found Me" and "Before the Rains". Enjoyed both.

On my 20/20/20 or 30/20 thing...I'm doing ok...not walking as frequently as I would like, nor hitting the floor for crunches as often either...managing 3 X week and I have to push my self every time! And yet I feel great after walking - dah! I have no problem getting in the 20++++ part for knitting or reading though.

Shopped for fresh vegies and fruits hopes of beginning to change my diet a bit this week.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What I need I'm going to get! ................ maybe

I need a great big shot of inspiration and I think I know just how to get it.....a little trip via the Viva-Blue (bus) and the Red Rocket (TTC subway) down to the MTCC (Metro Toronto Convention Centre) right downtown - yay - to spend a day at the Creative Needlework Festival .

I'm playing with the idea of doing this bright and early Saturday morning and spending the entire day there...all by my self...'cuz poop-head isn't interested in doing anything that doesn't interest him! So much for compromise in a relationship...I'm one that does a whole lot of that (compromise) and I've just about had it. Besides poop-head isn't fun if he isn't following his interests (sounds like a child doesn't it...ahem) and lacking a fellow knitter/crafter in my area, a little solo trip will be enlightening.

All sorts of yarn under one big roof...there is also sewing, scrapbooking, stamping, beading and other needlework...but it is the knitters I want to visit.

Monday, October 13, 2008

THANKSGIVING WEEKEND It was a perfect day today to sit outside in the back, listening to the little girls next door play..really play - make believe, hide & seek, etc. - yes kids DO still play...while I organized my knitting bag. I sorted projects, inventoried my needles, tidied up, and things like that. I've started another Reading Shawl in that scrumptious pumpkin colour you see actually is more pumpkin than red as it appears here...the yarn so soft.
....and socks...yup still unfinished socks...but since I learned of Lolly's idea of knitting 2 pairs at the same time on different sets of needles...I can't wait to finish this sock so I can do it's partner and then get back into making socks once again.
some fall foliage around my garden
cosmos...lots of cosmos in light, dark, white and everything in between.
Add Image urn on the front porch
Thanksgiving dinner yesterday with the D'Alb's...I managed to fit 8 into our little dining room and then completely neglected to get pictures with people and food!!! The turkey and the whole dinner was yummy and the company delightful.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Finished object....cowl for winter...made from 2 strands of pina soft.
cowl with my new "un-black" winter coat...yay...some colour this winter.
and if needed....a hood
the pie pumpkin that didn't get smashed and waiting to be made into a Thanksgiving pie
the pie pumpkin that did get away....a little fall display for my front porch

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This has been a strange to plan for the weekend dinner....prioratize....make lists....lists of things to dream.

I have started 20/20/20/20...or maybe 30/ get the idea. This is 20 minutes of walking each day while plugged into my iPod so I can listen to my music. 20 repeats of abdominal crunches at any time during the day I feel like hitting the floor. 20 minutes of reading for pleasure. 20 minutes of knitting. Balance - and a gentle start.

I'll address the food and wine issues later...after the Thanksgiving feast!