Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cold and blowly and a very wintery day. I like these wintery days...they make make me think of Cornwall, and Toronto in 1960-something and Gordon Lightfoot's song. My blog is acting up and I'm finding it impossible to add a comment to my best friends' know who you are. W.W. on I come....time for a change....some improvement.

Friday, January 26, 2007

1st pictureThe yarn purchased last year....a soft blend of 80% cotton and 20% angora. This discontinued colour was 50% off so it became my colour of choice.

2nd picture The pattern, especially for this yarn.

3rd picture And I'm knitting. I thought if I start now I may have some sort of garment completed by summer! I swatched for tension on the suggested 5 mm needles and came up with a swatch way too big. My knitting must be loose; after a few tries of different needle sizes, 4 mm gave me the correct swatch size.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I was working on the celtic vest. I knew when I saw the pattern that it would probably not be suitable for me. I was right. The yarn seduced me and I had to have it. So, while being entertained by the Golden Globe awards, I proceeded to rip the entire vest out, one row at a time because I was working with two yarns and swing needles.

I have started this is winter now...................with the thick variegated yarn and with the co-ordinating finer, wool and silk blend yarn I will make these fingerless gloves.
Hopefully I will have not one but two completed projects soon!

Monday, January 15, 2007

I found this button for a "Grey's Anatomy" Knit it.
Today is really the first snowy day this made me think how much our Dunny boy loved the snow. I wonder if there is snow in dog heaven?...... also we are ALL wondering if we still have a pup left in us....cute as can be - like this little one here - not our's. Hmmmm maybe a youngster would be better.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

There's a little bit.....of snow.
Knitting...progressing slowly.

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Big Beast
The Little Beast

Sunday, January 07, 2007

No. I'm not packing for India this winter...maybe next...or the next one after that. It's a good dream though isn't it?
Sometime later..........February 11/07 an "anonymous" person emailed me to tell me that I failed to acknowlege the photographer of a previous photo "Saris in the sun"
Ooooops thank you "anonymous" for pointing that out..whoever you are! This photo is by the same person.
Photo by Juris Kornets and you can find his work at I first saw his photo at One-of-a-Kind and was enchanted.
I wonder how many other "anonymous" people lurk around these blogs? Come out of hiding. Come forth...send us to your blog. Connect.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

This is IT folks....the trip of a lifetime for me...I have been dreaming of visiting India since George Harrison went there in 1960-something. Leslie - remember our madras dresses and making flat bread and having a special dinner at Taj Mahal on Yonge St. way back in 1960-something? I do.

Trip is through "Seniors Tours"

India has been enticing western travellers for centuries. Her beauty, diversity, ancient culture and colourful history are as intriguing today as ever. Our specially prepared itinerary includes many of the major highlights while maintaining an easy pace.DELHI: The country's capital. See the old walled city and its magnificent Red Fort with marble palaces from where the great Mogul emperors once ruled. New Delhi has impressive modern buildings and wide avenues.AGRA: Visit the incomparable Taj Mahal.VARANASI: The holiest place in India, located on the sacred River Ganges.JAIPUR: The beautiful Pink City is the ancient capital of the Rajput Empire.UDAIPUR: The City of Sunrise is considered India’s most romantic city, and is known for its magnificent palaces of granite and marble set on the moonlit banks of Pichola Lake.GOA: This tropical beach paradise was a Portuguese colony until 1960, and remains the only Christian state in India. Besides the wonderful sandy beaches and colourful local markets, Goa has many historic monuments and churches.BOMBAY: The Gateway to India is India’s most cosmopolitan city - a busy port which reflects both British and Indian history in its ornate Raj architecture.Our hotels in India are all four or five stars with the comforts and standards of North American hotels. Guest rooms have private bathrooms and all amenities. On this tour we offer American buffet breakfast daily, and the daily dinner offers a choice of Indian specialties or European meals. We will be assisted and entertained by expert English speaking guides in each city, and escorted by one of our senior staff. We recommend this tour for experienced travellers who are fit and active. (I hope I fit that requirement)
Holiday Inclusions
Flights with Alitalia
First Class accommodation
Full breakfast and dinner daily
Visa fees (arrangements through our office)
per person, double occupancy, from Toronto ... $6397Single Supplement - $1390*** Add-ons below are based on Air Canada fares. For an additional $79 p.p. double occupancy ($139 single) you may choose to overnight in Toronto before or after the tour.From Ottawa add $450. Montreal add $490From Halifax or Winnipeg add $550From Vancouver add $790From Calgary or Edmonton add $690
Tentative Itinerary for TREASURES OF INDIA (Winter 2007)
DAY 1:
DEPARTURE. We depart for Milan, where we connect to our flight bound for New Delhi.
DAY 2:
NEW DELHI. Upon arrival in New Delhi we are met and transferred to our hotel.
DAY 3:
NEW DELHIAfter a morning to relax we tour New Delhi - a fascinating blend of Victorian and modern architecture. We see the modern Birla Temple, the embassy area, Parliament Buildings and the President's house which was once the Palace of the Viceroy. We then visit the 12th century Kutab Minar, an elaborately carved iron pillar which shows no sign of rust. This evening we have our Welcome Dinner.
DAY 4:
VARANASIWe fly to Varanasi, one of the world’s oldest cities and the holiest in India. It has been the religious capital for the Hindu faith since the dawn of history, and there are thousands of temples and shrines here. Today we will drive through the bazaars and then see the Sacred Bull and the Well of Knowledge.
DAY 5:
VARANASIThis morning we board a boat for a cruise on the sacred River Ganges. Here pilgrims by the thousands descend the steps to the river and immerse themselves in the sacred waters, washing away their sins. These rites are performed in the sun's first light and can be deeply moving to witness. We then walk the narrow lanes of Varanasi. Throughout history millions have passed through these lanes seeking "Nirvana". We later continue to Sarnath where the Buddha delivered his first sermon. We see a large complex of ruined monasteries and temples before visiting a new Buddhist monastery which features wall paintings depicting the major events in the Buddha's life.
DAY 6:
OLD DELHIWe fly back to Delhi and embark on our excursion of its 17th century walled city. We begin at the magnificent Red Fort - built with red sandstone it houses marble palaces and the grand audience chamber where Mogul emperors held court and the Peacock throne once stood. We see the black and white onion dome and minarets of the Jama Masjid - the most elegant mosque in India. We end our tour with a visit to Raj Ghat where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated in 1948.
DAY 7:
AGRA (TAJ MAHAL)We drive to Agra and this afternoon visit the Taj Mahal. This extravagant memorial in white marble and precious stones is as spectacular as you ever imagined.
DAY 8:
JAIPURWe travel through Rajasthan, with its colourful small villages and traditional ways of farming with oxen. Watch out for camels and elephants. En route we visit Fatehpur Sikri. Now deserted this well-preserved 16th century city was once the centre of Mogul power in India. We proceed to the “Pink City” of Jaipur.
DAY 9:
JAIPURThis morning we travel by jeep up to the Amber Fort, which offers fantastic views over the hills of Rajasthan. Further touring shows us Jaipur’s colourful streets and residential areas, the Palace of the Wind, Jay Singh's Observatory and the City Palace (formerly a royal residence, now a museum).
DAY 10:
JAIPURAt leisure. Relax around the hotel pool or explore some more of this fascinating city.
DAY 11:
UDAIPURWe fly to Udaipur, which nestles in a picturesque valley like a white gem on a clear blue lake. After arrival we take a boat ride on Lake Pichola. On two of the islands in the lake the maharanas constructed pleasure palaces - Jag Mandir and Jag Niwas.
DAY 12:
UDAIPUROn our city tour we first visit the City Palace, once the home of Mewar rulers and now a museum. It consists of several flawlessly integrated palaces which overlook the lake. We then visit Sahelion-ki-bari (Garden of the Maids of Honour), the scene of royal parties for centuries. We see the Cenotaph of Maharana Pratap and finish our day off with a visit of the famous Jagdish Temple.
DAY 13:
GOAWe fly to the picturesque coastal area of Goa, and transfer to our beach resort.
DAY 14:
GOAToday we visit Old Goa with its many convents and churches surviving from the time of Portuguese rule. The largest church is Se Cathedral, built in 1562. We also visit the convent and church of St. Francis of Assisi, now a museum. We pause at a colourful local market before returning to our beach resort.
DAY 15:
GOAAt leisure. You may return to explore Old Goa, relax on the beach, enjoy our resort facilities and later admire the wonderful sunset - always magnificent in Goa.
DAY 16:
MUMBAI (BOMBAY)We fly to Bombay and the balance of the day is free.
DAY 17:
MUMBAI Our city tour begins at the Gateway of India, commemorating the 1911 visit by George V. We drive past the Old Secretariat and the Victoria Terminus (a remarkable example of Victorian gothic). We also see Chowpathy Beach, the Towers of Silence and the Hanging Gardens for panoramic views of the city. Our final stop is Dhobi Ghat, the amazing Indian laundry system.
DAY 18:
HOMEAn early departure for our flight home.

I had a senior moment that was more than a bit scary. I could not remember my log-in name nor the password to get here!!!! Sheeesh. After many tries last night I gave up....a few tries this morning and voila..I got it. Now I have written that "priceless" information down - something I had been meaning to do. I better get moving on with my life while I still have some memory left and I can still walk - sort of. I have just learned that

has a trip to India....what a way to see that country - fully escorted, 2 meals/day included - I'm going to save my pennies because one only has to be 50+ to play with this group! There are trips to France, Italy, Med. Cruises, Mexican villages and many more interesting places. One trip that would seem it was made for me is to Venice and then Tuscany. My non-resolution resolution for this year is to save save save and become a true non-consumer so I can have a holiday of my dreams all pre-paid. "B" chose to get himself this, (see upper left picture *ahem*) pay it off over the year and then who knows what. You see guys really do think size matters. I haven't ventured downstairs to check this beast in action's bloody big is all I can say. If I give the beast a big hug my hands just barely go around the side. And from the test runs....I think "B" will be spending the weekend stuffing a sound barrier into the ceiling! I did score the older TV from is bigger than I had and will be great for movie nights in the living room! Subtitle movies will not be a problem.

Monday, January 01, 2007

January 1 2007 My friend's "grandpuppy". This little fella is 7 weeks old. First thought is, that I would love one of my own. Second thought, this is $2,000 right out of the gate for the first year - pedigree dog, vet, shots, more vet, nuttered, etc. etc. Hmmmm that is $2,000 that would not be in my holiday account.

Auch...all youth is beautiful and all babies are precious to look at and hold. He fell asleep on my lap for a long time after ahhhhhhhh.

No puppy in this house - end of story. Hmmmm what about a rescue lab? A full grown dog who needs a new home. We were lucky with Dunny that way.