Sunday, July 26, 2009

The tin lady is almost completely hidden behind the french green beans. These are wonderful beans and next year I'm going to plant all 3 window boxes with them. They are proving to be a great success. I sampled a slender crisp bean this morning and it was delicious, almost peppery, so thin and delicate.

Playing with the camera on a rainy day - some of my book shelves.

Quiet weekend
Wet weekend
A few changes to the front porch
And the addition of a bench
Knitting updates - knee socks for Sab and a cabled vest

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm back.....after a few nasty hard drive is working well but not all information could be saved. This is not such a bad thing for my personal computer...but for my work space....oh not good at all. But, I'm going to look at it this way...I have a brand new blank page to start again. Oh I'll be working late into the nights rebuilding all the company information and billing details. What is lost is actually in the file folders - the good old fashion file folders.

It's back to work I go.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The day was perfect today. B left early for work. The morning was bright and blue and there was no rain in sight. I decided to break from my usual Saturday tradition of "laying in bed just like Brian Wilson did" and called Brenda; we took the path walk to the local farmer's market downtown. Along the way we saw the biggest snapping turtle in the mucky river waters...he was huge!
I stocked up on lots of local goodies and home grown produce; bought some heirloom tomatoes, and using herbs from my potted garden, I made this wonderful pasta dish of Jamie Oliver's . He never disappoints me. Some red wine...yumm.
I contemplated life today too.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The little jacket I just finished for Sienna. Sienna is our nephew's daughter and they will be here from Korea for a visit at the end of the month. I can't wait to meet Sienna.

This is my lavender harvest so far. I am pleased with the amount I got this year. Can't you almost smell them ?
Just had a blast from the past....from the long long ago past. I love how the world wide web can connect us to so many people.
We went for a drive in the country today....gosh this is a beautiful part of the province...lush farmlands, green valleys and the lake. I picked up my djembe which was in the caring hands of Phil Shaw of Shaw Percussion. He tuned it very well I must say considering it was a 'bad' purchase. At least the price was low, I learned from my mistake of buying such an item on line...what was I thinking??? I met Phil and saw his beautiful drums, all hand made by himself and his son. I will be saving my loonies and buying a drum from him. My 'bad' purchase looks good and will fill a corner of the living room if nothing else. The sound isn't that bad but it isn't great either; don't know that I would join a drum circle using it.