Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'd like my bedroom to look like this...the colours...yum


Cuba is a "go" at the end of next month. I'm excited about a type of holiday I thought I would never want to do again. An all-inclusive beach holiday. But there is something about this long and horrible and snowy and ever-changing weather that has me excited. And there is something about the beautiful pictures of white sand and turquoise water and temperatures of 28C.
Oh yes!
Sadly I won't be able to take the Clapotis workshop at "Unwind". That's the Clapotis shawl in the picture. I just might have to try and do this one on my own. Everyone I meet says "oh it's not that difficult once you get going" - famous last words.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cuba it is....at the end of February...to this resort called Breezes Bella Costa in Varadero. Warmth, R & R, history and sights in Havana, more R & R, did I mention WHITE sand and turquouise water?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Snow
That's all....just snow and more snow
A Downy Woodpecker visits the suet cage daily...such a treat to see
Jobs cut
Everyone is frightened about something
New President for the USA ... I wish him safe
More Snow...oh I said that already
And thoughts of Cuba
Yes perhaps a last-minute booking to Varadero http://www.solmeliacuba.com/cuba-hotel/sol-palmeras/facilities or a similar place
To sit under a palm..listen to the ocean...read
Cuba...visit Havana
We're preparing...just in case
Jobs cut
So close to the edge for many of us
Should we take Cuba for one week?
Should we gamble for the moment?
Snow...and more snow
What to do????
Gracias for listening...I think I know what to do
Should I bring knitting to Cuba...silk, cotton, seacell?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eeeekkk it's a New Year already. The day is clear and so very bright, blue skies and cold temperatures -15C but without a bit of wind, the day is perfect. Perfect for a walk. Perfect for getting my 10 minutes of Vit.D. So why am I here?

I'm going outside now! There is plenty of time left in this day to sit back and knit. I think this just might be a Knitting/Golden Globe evening. A time to plod along with the millions of garter stitch rows on my blue cardigan-in-progress.