Sunday, July 27, 2008

My new shoes.....Dansko "Professional" clogs...and I have to say they are one comfortable pair of shoes. The arch support is wonderful, there is a big fat toebox that fits my big fat toes perfectly, I slip them on and immediately my feet feel better. Despite their appearance they are surprisingly light. At my post-op check-up, 7 weeks after having both my knees partially replaced...the doc said "good shoes, good support, high arch - like my shoes - that's what you need"! If a surgeon standing for hours on end finds these comfortable, I thought I might too. And I do.

Ryan's Grad picture!
He wouldn't do the cap and gown ceremony "thing". His diploma arrived in the mail and what better time for a photo.! Ry was more excited about finishing the motorcycle safety course two weekends ago and passing his test yesterday.
Oh boy...a motorcycle!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Aren't these pretty? New chocolates from Laura Secord. From left-to-right was (hehehehe note: "was" past tense) white chocolate with cardamom and cinnamon. I was surprised that this one was a disappointment, maybe it was the white chocolate. In the centre was lime and pepper (I think) and it was good. More lime would have been nice and it had a hot after-bite! My fave was the chocolate on the right and I can't remember what this one is called "African somethingorother" and it was good.

I'm having so much fun...turning into a bit of a technogeek - for me anyway. On the Boxing Day sales LAST year, one of Bryan's purchases came with an iPod Nano. It sat and sat and sat in the box and I threatened "If I learn how to use's mine".

Seven months have passed and the pod is mine all mine. I have been filling it with music, my favourite music. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I've gone back in time...way way way back into the '60's which was a great time...The Beatles, Carnaby Street, King's Road, Mary Quant, Portobello Rd., mods & rockers and absolutely anything London! It wasn't until 1970 that another friend and I got to visit all these places. Although the early '70's weren't quite like the '60's it was still great fun to be there.

It was a time of Pattie Boyd and Twiggy. When I was growing up I had a good friend who hailed from England. Christine and I devoured any English magazine, especially teen magazines, that arrived frequently from "home". We became attached to this pretty model, Pattie Boyd who frequently modeled for "Honey Magazine" - a fab teen magazine from England. Once Beatlemania hit America, Pattie Boyd had a column in another favourite (American) magazine of the time, "16". Christine and I read every single word from Pattie's "London Calling" column in that magazine.

And here we are from back then (around 1964 maybe)...that's me growing my hair to a "proper '60's length" and Christine who has the required full "fringe".

I found this picture of Pattie Boyd, and was immediately taken back to that time...I remember, we studied these pictures and poses and clothes and hair and everything we could to turn ourselves into "London Girls". I had this very picture cut out and pinned on my bulletin board!

And then the movie was released..."A Hard Day's Night" and much to our surprise...look who is in the film and who eventually gets "my" Beatle, George. Beatlemania was at such a height at that time, that we lined up to buy tickets to see a movie that wouldn't arrive for a few weeks later! The movie house was packed, Christine and I were ready to scream with the rest of them. It was a crazy time and I loved it...did I say that already?And now, the newest book on my table is "Wonderful Tonight". I have just started it and already I don't want to put it down...I want to leave work, snuggle in my swing outdoors and read and read. I'm happy that this sweet model from the '60's now is happy and a succesful photographer and author. I'm not yet even into the book really but I have a sneaky suspicion that both of these men - George and Eric - treated her badly. credit for the photo of Pattie Boyd and the photo from AHDN can be found here....don't want to step on any toes.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The first year for this beautiful clematis to flower.
That same clematis crowns this copper garden angel - like a flower child.
A calm and cool little spot

A blue hosta and dark coral bells surrounded by ferns.