Sunday, May 01, 2011

Leslie S, Lyon, one of our guides and the local bush doctor, me, and Christina, our spirit guide for the week and the person who made the whole adventure happen for us all. is Christina's web site. was home for the week

Jamaica...I was shifted...I see life more clearly now...I have been home two weeks now and shall begin to upload some photos and my thoughts....'soon come'.

This vacation started about 6 years ago when my best friend and I thought we should really do something special for the year of our 60th  birthdays and 50 years of best friendship. We pondered many possibilities but in the end time (off work), and money dictated the choice.  That meant India was out...Morocco was out...Italy was out....but yoga in Jamaica was in!

Tucked away in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica in a lively Rasta community we spent a week at River Lodge, yoga 2 x day and excursions to places the resort tourist would not see or experience.  It was a blissful week and opened my eyes and heart to myself...I found me in Jamaica.  Now the task is to keep me in this urban world that I live in.

 Fruit stand on the road out of Kingston, JA
 Punja ceremony on our day-before-leaving
 A view around River Lodge
 Dining room
Yoga platform

...more pictures to come!