Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Standing on the edge of something much too deep

That is how I have been feeling and all sorts of thoughts are swirling in my head about what I should do with this feeling.  Painting has brought me peace.  A week away with my best friend filled my cup. Assurance from an old friend that we will continue in September brought me light. Well, perhaps not 'assurance' but a 'mention' that I am somewhere on the list for September...brought a spec of light.

I have a plan. A plan to once again take up yoga.  I will visit the three studios in town and decide which one is for me.  I think I may like this place http://www.functionstudiosinc.com/yoga.html  They offer various 'styles' of yoga as well as some fitness in the form of spin classes and Pilate's as well as a weekly drop-in meditation class. I will need to find a way to fit the monthly cost into my limited budget but I am positive this is do-able...I can and I will find $20/week for me

September has always been a time of new beginnings for me; the start of a new year; that feels more like a renewal than does the new year the calendar brings. TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) is soon, very soon and that has always been a time that ignites my renewal quest and journey. Maybe I can find a way to fit some watercolour lessons into my budget as well.

I also have a secret little dream of indulging in myself for more than a few hours.  An "Eat Pray Love" adventure on my own limited scale. What I would like is a weekend away by myself, absolutely alone with myself.  I have searched and I may have found just the escape to fit me.  A weekend at a B & B on Toronto Island in the fall.  I have been alone in my own home but never completely alone away from my surroundings.

Love and Light

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

......I do like this
feeling odd lately
like I'm on the edge of something
something good
a discovery about me perhaps

on the edge of letting go too
my thoughts are not luminous
I need connection

I can't find you 'out there'
you can't be here
I can't be there

feeling odd lately
like I'm on the ledge
and I will fly
this time

love and light

Sunday, August 08, 2010

It rained today....my rain barrels will be filled and the garden and grasses say 'thank you'.  I painted...my inspiration photos and my paintings.

Signal Hill, St. John's NL
A Crooked House - somewhere near Owen Sound ON

I love how this house is just caving in on itself.