Friday, August 29, 2003


I spent last night reading all my friend T's blogger entries and it has inspired me to write more in my 'journal'. Hmmm it would be nice to add pictures too, but I'm best to keep this simple at first. I like the idea of "doing your craft/art first"....I think I'll adopt that rule as mine too.

I finally have the new 'pute up and running and online .... well except for the mail - I'm very tired of trying everything to get that going...need help. Now I have a new accounting program to learn; just tried the trial disc and it looks like it will be perfect for our small business.

It's a dull rainy day today, a good day to stay here in the office to work and learn something new. A good day to do my craft/art later on as well. I'm currently working on a "Memory Book". At first I shunned this very popular new craft. But then my very first girlfriend, T, sent me pictures of us from a long time ago. I wanted to preserve them in someway; so I've started a book. I feel this first attempt is a bit juvenile but hopefully it will improve as I learn more and let my creative side loose. Already I'm thinking of more books...a vacation book, a book for each of my boys, more girlfriend books, etc.

I have a lovely long weekend to look forward to so now I must get the work and chores done first...yes - the craft will come later on.


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