Sunday, January 16, 2005

Time has zipped by. First time I've been to my blog in 3 months. I've not been idle though....never idle....."won't be idle with dispair" (Jewel).

Let's see in one big long rambling sentence let me sum up the year.....many visits from my best pal, Leslie......Sarah McL concert, Tap Dogs, Dalhai Lama, Film Festival, Ryan off to school, Adam working with Bryan....ok too many things to be grateful for to list here.

I bought a sewing maching! Yup, finally did it. It is a small, light but powerful little Bernina machine. So far I'm loving it. Now, will this machine inspire me to get back at sewing, design? I sure hope so. My right brain is never quiet though. Beading has taken a lot of my focus this year, knitting again, painting and my favourite new craft last summer - mosaic. I'm impressed I didn't mosaic everything in sight.

I can't figure this blog out lately......I can't seem to add a picture, colour or link anymore. Hmphfff.



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