Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Remember that sock..the one up there...the pair of merino socks I finished last February? Well here they are two neat skeins. Why? B washed them in hot water, with jeans so there was lots of agitation. I rescued them before they went into the dryer but they had shrunk up a bit...enough that stretching and drying weren't enough to make them fit again. I will remake them, someday. After wearing, I put my handknit socks in a small zipper laundry bag that you put in the machine with delicates inside. That way I know they are there and I thought it would serve as a Caution Sign if someone should decide to put some of my wash in with their's. We all do our own laundry - most of the time. But B took the socks out of the bag but luckily only one pair made it to the wash.

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