Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's been a pleasant day today...sunny and ?mild? I went out with B to his doc appointment and then to "The Brick" to buy a new table and new chairs for the dining room. A big sale. These will be delivered on Tuesday and because they are from "The Brick", all pieces need a coat or two of varnish before we use them.

I've been uploading (well trying to) photos to my Flickr account so I could post them on "Ravelry" - a site for knitters. I do like the feature on Ravelry that allows me to document my knitting projects and all the details I forget over time.

I completed a beret, a 4-day knit; I love fast projects. I knit this beret last year in a colour called "Fire", this colour is called "Shade" I believe, same yarn - "Freedom Spirit", a soft wool from the U.K. - and it's a nice mix of gray and mauve. I made the beret a bit bigger and slouchier, which I liked, but then it was a bit too big around the I tried felting it for 5 minutes in the washer...perfect!! The fabric is now nicely windproof and fits perfectly. But I think I've found a new passion - felting!! Boots or bags anyone?

Yesterday I craved a hamburg and fries! So I made some extra-lean little burgers that we have now named "little bugers". I had one with a few shoestring oven "fries", and my boy had 3 bacon - cheese bugers and a big plate of fries. It's all about compromise isn't it?

Aren't they too cute?

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