Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm healing. And healing is painful. It seems that with my new and balanced knees comes a lot of adjustment for the rest of my body. May back aches, my thighs hurt, my shoulders and neck hurt. Physio is going well, difficult, and so I'm glad it is in a group format. We do circuit training with 1 physiotherapist, 1 physiotherapist-assistant, and 1 student guiding as along. As a group we all help each other with answers to questions like "did you feel numb here", "for how long", "why does my whole body hurt", "bend your knees", "wow good work" etc. etc.

The weather has been horrible and very discouraging for mental healing. The clocks changed a while ago and it seems very strange to have the light late into the evening when the ground is STILL covered in snow. The Farmer's Almanac, I've heard, calls for a colder than usual April. Just great! Not!!!
Post-op I've noticed I have difficulty with concentration. This is normal, I'm told. I went into the hospsital with 2 books, knitting and 2 magazines. I read nothing, I knit nothing. Since home I have finished "The Friday Night Knitting Club" and started another light read, a gift from my pal, "The Friends We Keep" and it is just the perfect speed for my brain.

I bet my snow drops have already flowered, come and gone under the roof of snow over their heads. That has happened before. Here is a positive picture....from last April.
Now it is time to move around or I will seize up. My day consists of getting up and "ready for the day", exercises at home, walk around, sit down, walk around, lay down, physio at the hospital or more exercises at home...rinse and repeat.
Complete and total healing, the surgeon says, takes one year but the majority of healing will be done by 6 months....TIFF-time yayayayayaya. I'll race you to the subway Leslie! :>).

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gazingoutback said...

surgery to bones...takes a lot out of you...and yes, you'll be aching in spots you never thought you would... sounds like you are seeing the benefits already...!! Bravo..