Friday, April 04, 2008

A step backwards today.

This "ankle thing" that has been sneaking up on me, roared today. I showed the lump, and the swollen very tender area to the PT today. "Hmmmm things are stuck there", Christine said, after some painful manipulation and palpation. So on her advice I have an appointment to see the surgeon next Friday.

In the meantime, Fridays always being a small physio class, Christine had extra time to work on me...oh lucky me - not! Over 5 hours later and I'm still limping but I think there just might be the slightest bit of improvement - both from her inflicted pain and the overall functioning of my ankle.
My bowed legs were straightened and this could be a problem resulting from my bones settling in. We'll know next Friday when I see "the boss".

In the meantime, I have to accept these set backs and use it as a time to try and focus on some knitting and staying off my feet except for oodles of exercise breaks throughout the day.
I am knitting "Twisted T" again, in a size that will be better for me this time around. The fibre is bamboo and it is knitting up with such silky luxury with a fabulous shimmer. I'll get a picture soon...the colour is periwinkle blue.

Here's the pattern.... "Twisted T". I like the shaping but I didn't leave enough ease across the bust and arms with my first attempted. #1 is still wearable...but I want it to be better.

Here is the yarn colour "Oriental Blue", Sirdar Just Bamboo

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