Friday, June 13, 2008

Free for all Friday
Friday the 13th

I just learned that the Italians view Friday the 13th as a lucky day! I'll take that view over the "others".

I just won the bidding on a singing bowl on eBay. The sound is beautiful and deep...I think this bowl was listed as a "G" - Throat Chakra's a lovely sound and gives me goose bumps and is calming...........all at the same time. I have been bidding on bowls from this site for a few weeks now and always, the prices went way too high, especially when you factor in almost $20 to ship...but yesterday was my lucky day.

Happy Friday.

On another note....I was thinking about the dangerous, exciting and exhilarating things our (grown-up) kids do that scare us. It's the job of parents to worry FOR-EV-ER I think. L's daughter treks through PNG and travels to exotic areas of the world - Thailand, Cambodia, etc. ON HER OWN!! LM's son is back planting trees deep in the interior of British Columbia and then heading to Spain to learn Spanish and teach English. We worry constantly about our kids and up until now I thought I was "SAFE". That feeling lasted until my son #1................just bought himself a motorcycle!!

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