Thursday, September 18, 2008

TIFF is over for another year. What a great holiday that is...5 days with my best friend, settling back into our hometown of Toronto; eating, walking, talking, shopping, movies - 6 of them, and seeing some "stars" as well....Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, Jessica Beil, Deepha Metha.

Photobooth pictures from TIFF this

The highlight this year was Colin Firth!! Oh my...shy and adorable. The movie, a world premier, "Easy Virtue" was wonderful. I can't wait to see it upon general release. The set decoration and the costumes and Colin Firth doing the tango...oh yesssss!

A little shopping at MEC and I bought myself a very non-traditional colour for a winter coat. Last year the winter was long and dark and snowy and I was sick and tired of black and brown and dark blue, but mostly black. I vowed to wear colour this winter. Here is the coat I bought and here is a sample swatch of the colour - Aloe Green - there is also a nice fleece vest to go underneath and already have a windproof liner for winter.

Shopping also took me to Americo on Queen St. W. Oh my. A knitter's paradise for luxurious yarns. . I couldn't decide what to buy and ended up with another skein of lime green alpaca and I don't know what I'll do with that. The pima cotton is soft beyond soft and I'm hoping by putting the two strands of light grey and darker grey together, I might be able to make a cowl/hood???????


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oh yay for raspberry winter coats!

gazingoutback said...

Love the colours of your new blog...very tranquil
The time in TO seems so long ago!!