Sunday, June 28, 2009

Show and Tell Time.

This year I wanted to give my humble front porch a Moroccan feel. I did a little research about Moroccan gardens and learned of some of the elements I would need. Water, tile, THAT blue, lush greenery, perhaps some cane or wicker, those fabulous lanterns, bright colours and a feeling of privacy to reflect private inner courtyards.

Here's a peek at my attempt so far.

What's up with this great big space here ???????????????


Brad said...

It;s beed 48 years I think, a tranquil place indeed.


Brad said...


The original comment here was typed in a frantic hurry as you can well see, first a ";" for a "'", then I mispelled "been" and finally, it's only been 42 years. It would seem I haven't improved with age. My son-in-law saw your comment on some Churls blog and asked me if I knew a Leslie. I said yes, I think I can remember Leslie.

Do you remember the occasion of the last time we had a conversation?

I wonder who's story will be more interesting? It was with great pleasure that I found out you were still breathing.