Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'm happy this morning despite the phones which are frantic. I found these beautiful images on one of my favourite blogs "An Indian Summer". I immediately wanted to get out my pencils and splash these images with vibrant colours. I think I will do just that, when I can do so peacefully (translated: after work). The Autumn issue of Cath Kidston arrived this morning. I will need time to devour this one..such beautiful photos, gorgeous clothes. I am not a fashionist - far from it - but I do love fashion as an artform.


Goddess Leonie * said...

oh my goddess... what stunning drawings! i especially love your indian woman in your journal ~ utterly shining! i went to india a couple of years ago... and images of saris always make my heart happy :) <3

Leslie said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog Leonie...I pop into your space, especially when I am in need of inspiration. These images are from "Indian Summer", there is a link here on my blog. I feel the same about Saris...happy, colourful and beautifully feminine..India is trip I would dearly love to make one day.