Saturday, January 01, 2011

So long 2010....

Yesterday afternoon my dog and I took a long...a very long walk along the Tom Taylor trail that runs from Green Lane to St. John's Side Road - or so they say -I haven't ventured south of Mulock Drive.  I parked the car; we walked down one side of the river and back up the other side.  New Year's Eve afternoon, the sky was grey, the temperature was mild, the path was clear of ice and snow, and we met very few people along the way.  I really enjoyed that very slow walk, 1 hour in length, with my dog.  She walks much better on the trails, being very skittish of cars when we walk the sidewalk around our neighbourhood.

Today, Christmas has gone; all decorations removed and tucked away for another year. We are treated to very unusually mild temperatures of +7C; all the snow has gone, the ground ready to receive a new fresh covering.  Took Miss Lola for a 'block' walk and she poked like never before.  She gets me out, we need the stroll and neither one of us would care if we missed a walk or two or three.

New Year's Day and a simple supper is cooking ... B's turn to cook...we will save the 'feast' of bbq steaks and lobster tail, baked potatoes and Caesar salad for tomorrow...we have 2 sons who aren't interested in a feast today! Say no more.

My New Year's intentions....
  • paint - watercolours
  • begin to stretch with some gentle yoga
  • prepare for THE trip on all levels
  • plan a new kitchen-on-budget
  • make a new bedroom
  • design a simple front and back garden
....perhaps not so much intentions as objects of my desire of creative endeavours for this year...starting with this subject to paint - a photo taken by Bunty in Jamaica.

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George and Bunty said...

I'm so looking forward to seeing your painting. I hope you post it once you've completed it.