Monday, March 08, 2004

Hand is healed. February has gone. Valentine's Day has gone and we're all breathlessly awaiting spring.

Spring is coming.....little tiny pointy green shoots are emerging in my garden - crocuses and daffodils I think. The tiny snowdrops are ready to flower. God I love those delicate little brave souls.

On Friday the temperatures were 14C and by Sunday we had more snow. Such is the teasing that spring gives us.

My craft surge came to a halt with the surgery. But I did take in a lot of other fun stuff -- two Jann Arden concerts...yes that's right - two. I do like Jann as well as her music. B and I saw "The Hallow Crown"...very interesting, Vanessa Redgrave was the drawing card for us. I have tickets to see the Dalai Lama in April. That will be wonderful.

I'm just too tired right now to write anything profound...I want to bead again and may just go and attempt that now.



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