Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Tomorrow is my surgery for carpal tunnel. The right hand this time, which will be tricky for a few weeks. I'm all set for 3 days of absolute total R & R afterwards. I'm taking Friday to Sunday and staying in my new flannel jammies, reading and watching movies.

My craft surge will have to be put on ice (along with my right hand) for a bit. I did manage to finish up some beaded bracelets and earrings before the surgery. And, I finished my fuzzy colourful scarf that I was knitting. I love it.

Most of my "real" work is caught up, except for journal entries..but I'll have to concentrate on those after the recuperation time.

We have had more snow this year than most years the entire season. There is a foot of fresh snow capping my bird bath.

Must remember to plant another globe cedar. The little birds love it. They appear to be snug and tight in there when the world gets stormy. Some days the little cedar looks like a tree decorated with birds...then some sort of danger is in the air...and about a dozen little chickadees pop themselves back inside the tree.

Next Thursday and Friday is my back-to-back Jann Arden concerts. I'm really looking forward to her positive reinforcement...oh yes...and her beautiful songs too.


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