Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday afternoon. It is raining. The snow has gone.

I went to Fabricland and found what I was needing for a project in the kitchen that needs completion. My wonderful "Fleece Artist" socks are done except for one toe grafting. The textured narrow scarf is done too. Pictures to come.

Right brain activity today.............I'm working on my parent's anniversary/birthday party invitations. I like what I've done so far. Tonight, TV watching hand activity should involve casting on another pair of socks...."Opal" cotton.

On my way home I just happened to stop into our local bead store. This weekend I learned that I was born in the year of the Hare and that my power colour is pale blue. And so I thought I needed to wear pale blue every day. Don't you? And....I wanted to buy some Thai Silver pieces and I found some beautiful square Italian glass beads. You'll see when I take some pictures.

I have a roast on the bbq and some sweet potatoes to cook up. Life is good.

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