Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wow..I woke early this morning. I am NOT a morning person by any stretch. Perhaps it was the chance to have the house to myself for just a bit that tempted out of a nice warm flannel bed so early - 6:40 a.m. Bryan had left for Toronto, leaving sick Adam at home still sleeping after a rough day of gastro, Ryan still snoozing of course and enjoying the last few days off. I am selfish in that I do like to have the house to myself lots...or at least a space to myself where I won't be interrupted.

It is dangerously close to work time but I have done so much and eased gently into this day. I shaped the heel of my sock, turned the heel and now I'm onto to decreasing for the instep and the foot. I am in love with Merino sheep and the (tres expensive) wool they produce. I think this just may be the winter that I will have handknit socks entirely! Bliss.

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