Thursday, February 23, 2006

Knee News. And this is what I got. I found this noisy little beast at The Salvation Arm for $19.99. It will do for now. The goal 30 minutes once a day - or 15 minutes twice a day - or 10 minutes three times a day and I think in no time I will know if my knees care for this type of exercise. Lubricating the joints. They didn't seem to mind the 10 minutes this morning. I did however, I set the timer and had to check that the timer was working after 6 minutes! I was bored. So I did some upper body stuff with my little pilates ball while I cycled on. AfterwardsI did one knee strengthening exercise, 2 yoga poses - Warrior Pose and Triangle Pose, both great for weight bearing on the knees, finishing up with 30 sit-ups. My body is tingling lol. I must keep this up for awhile and assess any improvement. I think cycling will be better for me because the impact (however low) of walking sends pains up my shins as well as causing hot and painful knees. Uneven ground is painful and dangerous for moi to walk on also. And, if I'm a real good girl, I can buy the lovely little bike below. Posted by Picasa

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Bruce said...

Poor Leslie, nobody to read blogs along with her. I stick my nose into your sight once and a while, and 'good on ya' for taking up exercise. When I went to the Doctor last month, I got the regular medical prompt to eat less, lose some weight and EXERCISE! Well I haven't been able to face that yet but with both my Leslies now exercising, I fear the writing's on the wall and I will have to do it too . . shuddddder!

We got the invitation to attend your parents 60/80th har'down by the legion eh? So I s'pose Leslie (the wife 'n luved one) and I might be stopping by to say our how's by ya's. Do they smoke in there still or have they McGintified the place?