Saturday, February 11, 2006

Someday but not this day. Knee news....same old news. It seems the "severe osteoarthritis" part of my knee problem is behind my right knee cap. There are a few spurs - they look like rose thorns in the MRI pictures - but not enough to warrant arthroscopy. The meniscus is being pushed out around the edges and thus causing pain. Why is it doing this? I forgot to ask. What can be done about this? Probably nothing or he would have suggested something, I would think. Cartiledge is being worn down and missing in places. But all in all the esteemed former Chief of Orthopaedics of St. Michael's Hospital says "no surgery - arthroscopy wouldn't relieve my pain and I'm not "bad" enough yet for knee replacements". Okay. That does not bode well with me because when I said "I can no longer walk, hike, kayak (well I did that once for a few minutes many years ago, remember?), and I can't dance (so very jealous of my friends and family doing belly dancing).....and the esteemed doc said "guess not" and left saying he was sorry and he would be happy to refer me to a rheumatologist (to do all the things I have already done and tried) at St. Mikes. But, I will keep my rheumatologist doctor here in Newmarket, thank you. At least he is animated and friendly. All in all I was NOT in good mood when I got home late yesterday afternoon. I decided a pity party for one was in order and had such party with 2 count them 2 pomegranate cosmopolitans. Today I will carry on and do what I want to do and maybe a bit more than I want to do. I don't have to worry about doing further damage to my knee because it is only further damage that will get my knee repaired - someday!

After the doctor trip, Karen and I tooted around downtown - Queen St. W., shopped ate and then headed over to the "Carrot Common" to get some natural remedy for our joint problems. I'm full of new concoctions and herbs at the moment.

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