Monday, July 24, 2006

Making progress with my silk and sea cell "lace" scarf. Ooooo but I see the photo shows my little mistake clearly...perhaps it won't be so obvious when it is wrapped around my neck....because I am NOT ripping this out yet again...a perfectionist I'm not.


I've changed my mind, this silk is far too expensive not to be knitted up correctly and I just found another mistake. Besides the sample scarf in the shop was knit on much finer needles than we were told to use and I think I liked that scarf better. So out this one will come, once again.

Third time is the charm, they say.

But I think I may just put this yarn away for a bit and do the scarf with Lorna's Laces sock yarn instead. It won't be so slippery and maybe then I won't drop a stitch so frequently.

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Sarah e.Smith said...

What a beautiful pattern....and to the untrained eye, i did not notice any mistakes...but I know what you mean, when i knit or create anything, I know the mistakes are there and they tug at me until I go back and redo the whole thing over again!