Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yarn Stash!! Yesterday I went to "Unwind" to sign up for a beginner's lace workshop that is happening this Saturday. The scarf is absolutely beautiful and soft and they say it is easy. We'll see. I chose Handmaiden silk and seacell blend in that coral-pink colour for moi and the plain purple for my friend Alice. You can see these in the 2nd picture. The class is a 2-for-1 in July so this is my gift to her....a class and the yarn. I think it is the perfect birthday gift for someone who has everything and we get to spend a few hours learning a new technique.

Of course I had to buy some other skeins...just because they were so pretty and/or interesting. I bought 2 skeins of "Lorna's Laces"...those two pretty variegated yarns, perhaps for 2 more (gift) scarves, or I will need to pick up 2 more skeins on Saturday if I decide I want to makes socks with them. I got 2 skeins of gold hemp (on sale). I've never knit with hemp...a new venture.

My boys want these beanie hats. I must get started on those as well. But of course I'll need more yarn because I don't seem to have any cotton in my stash for this project. Oh dear.

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Val said...

Mmm, love the silk/seacell yarn, especially the purple. Lace isn't so difficult, especially if you stick to the patterns that have you knit plain (or purl) every second row.

Sarah e.Smith said...

LOVE those beanie hats...i am still new to knitting and need to learn how to make hats like those....your stash is fabulous...i have quite a big stash too...i have found some awesome yarn on e-bay and have finally started to use it :) Cheers!