Monday, August 21, 2006

Knitting News!! The latest heatwave has gone and I'm excited about getting the knitting out again. Last night the temperature in our house was 68F.....I know I'm supposed to be using C but the guys who installed our new thermostat set it in F and I haven't changed it .... do the math! Anyway, that was ccccold enough (it is now 75F) to make me decide to finish these "Opal" socks. Almost done.

A few garden pictures. My red hibiscus (really it is a mallow plant) is the biggest it has ever been and it has been in our garden for over 20 years. The original plant was B's father's and would probably be about 40 years old now. Great big blossoms that last one day.

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Sandra said...

Hi Leslie,
you asked on my blog where I got the yarn for my Carribean Surf socks - I've never been to Unwind in Newmarker, but will be making a trip there next week when I'm off!
I got this yarn form Elann - they ahve tons of colourways and solids