Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The last of my "bad things come in 3's" is fender bender....well at least my 4-runner has a fender bender, the Lexis SUV was match for me. I backed into the empty car and my car won! Stupid crowded street with too many cars for my liking!

Well I can't believe I have my browser back and was able to add this picture. For one entire week my browser just disappeared and I could only access the www through my email program. I don't understand how these things work but voila just now...just, not 2 minutes ago, I clicked on the "internet" icon again,and there is my home page back up again. Yahooooo links here I come!

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Sarah e.Smith said...

Sorry about your fender bender....but it's nice to see you back onlie :) Cheers!