Thursday, January 04, 2007

I had a senior moment that was more than a bit scary. I could not remember my log-in name nor the password to get here!!!! Sheeesh. After many tries last night I gave up....a few tries this morning and voila..I got it. Now I have written that "priceless" information down - something I had been meaning to do. I better get moving on with my life while I still have some memory left and I can still walk - sort of. I have just learned that

has a trip to India....what a way to see that country - fully escorted, 2 meals/day included - I'm going to save my pennies because one only has to be 50+ to play with this group! There are trips to France, Italy, Med. Cruises, Mexican villages and many more interesting places. One trip that would seem it was made for me is to Venice and then Tuscany. My non-resolution resolution for this year is to save save save and become a true non-consumer so I can have a holiday of my dreams all pre-paid. "B" chose to get himself this, (see upper left picture *ahem*) pay it off over the year and then who knows what. You see guys really do think size matters. I haven't ventured downstairs to check this beast in action's bloody big is all I can say. If I give the beast a big hug my hands just barely go around the side. And from the test runs....I think "B" will be spending the weekend stuffing a sound barrier into the ceiling! I did score the older TV from is bigger than I had and will be great for movie nights in the living room! Subtitle movies will not be a problem.

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