Thursday, February 08, 2007 my Jann Arden tickets....yes again! You cannot be surprised...I will see Jann in concert every time she comes to Toronto. This time Bryan will be coming (some what reluctantly) and my cousin Doug and his wife Shirley - Shirley will also be coming somewhat reluctantly. Those two (our spouses) seem to have the notion that Jann Arden concerts are "depressing" phffff. No so...they are so much fun. Doug and I will have a blast and the other two - well they can leave with fond memories of dinner at "Frans" before. Some new photos are at

Man alive it is getting harder and harder to get tickets, let alone good seats. We will be in row R at Massey Hall so I will need to bring myself a little booster seat. Massey Hall is as old as dirt and there is very little elevation from the front to the back. The next best tickets I could get were in the gallery! I think not.

Sometime last year my niece asked me if I would like to see Syrena Ryder. I didn't know who she was, wasn't able to make it the concert/festival and then suddenly, somehow, somewhere last week, I heard Syrena sing. I'm hooked. She is fabulous. She is full of soul for such a young thing. Check her out at and please listen to her version of Leonard Cohen's "Sisters of Mercy".

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