Friday, May 25, 2007

Rants....The Weight.

I replaced the old scale, the one that that lied, and besides it was too hard to see those tiny lines. Now I have a trusty new digital one that almost flashes the number at me. I knew I fell off the W. W. Wagon but I just didn't know how far off I fell. Not to worry, back on track now, anxiously waiting for the numbers to drop.

Rants....Rosie..good hearted Rosie.

I admit I watch The View (only since Rosie has been moderator) and yesterday's fight...oh my....I too was yelling at Elisabeth. Can she be more dense or what? Elisabeth needs to spend the weekend with the Dalai Lama...God knows Rosie has tried to teach her compassion.


I don't wanna work...I just wanna bang on ze drum all day...and sit outside and knit with very natural and summery yarns - hemp, cotton, silk, seacell....I want to read a "summer" book.

That's all.

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littlegreen said...

ditto on the summer thing... let's go on strike, no working during summer! every weekends a long one!!