Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back from TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and once again it was a fabulous break...each year my pal and I seem to add a day onto this annual venture. So many movies to see of the 350+ showing during the week, so much shopping to do, restaurants to try and yacking to catch up on. I love September and I love TIFF.

Bang bang bang....new windows are being put in as I type. Right now I have big holes in my walls...a good cross-breeze....good thing the day is dry and sunny.

When I return from TIFF the most common question is "did you see any stars?". Serious star treking is impossible if one wants to see movies, but we did see Liv Tyler, Larry David and the Indian stars from the red carpet gala we attended...no not a gala party...just a premier movie with a red carpet at the venue.

My pal mentioned that a lot of the movies this year were shown from a child's perspective or a women's perspective...I intentially picked those films for that reason, but I wonder if that was a strong theme this year.
I try to pick movies from a variety of countries; this year - India, Great Britain, Canada, Iran, South America, Korea and an Indian/English film.

I've been asked which was my most favourite film and that is very difficult to say but here goes, my favourite movies in no particular order:-

"Brick Lane" (Indian/Great Britain) was my overall favourite entertaining film with a strong family theme.

"Beyond the Years" (Korean) was visually so very beautiful

"The Last Lear" (Indian) was very smart and the star, Amitabh Bachchan's character was a powerful force

"The Buddah Collapsed out of Shame", (Iran) a "docu-drama" from Iran about a little Afghan girl's determination to go to school. The little girl stole all our hearts.

"Just Buried" (Canada) had to be the funniest black comedy I have seen in a long time.

"Mutum", (Brazil) using a little boy as the story teller.

"It's a Free World", (Great Britain) again an overall entertaining film with a strong social conscience..or not!

There you have it my 7 favourite movies viewed this year at TIFF...wait a minute...we only saw 7 movies :>). All good.

And there is the little girl that stole everyone's heart.

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