Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm going to start this little cardi very soon...I swatched and came out with the perfect tension for once in my life! I'm looking forward to a big session of garter stitching while watching TV and finally I found a pattern for the Debbie Bliss merino I was saving.

I'm looking for all the "greys" that everyone says are NOT there. Hah! Liars...see they're there and there are lots.
Corkscrew Hazel losing it's leaves for the season...I like the glass balls that decorate the tree in the winter and enjoy the curly branches best of all.

Yarn swatch for my newest project...the cardi.

Some finished cowls and just in time...the temperatures have dropped.

Anniversary #34...can you believe it? I can't.....look what Bryan came home with...haven't had time to give it a go yet.

Vegetarians look away....this is a serious hunk of meat...our Anniversary feast surrounded by our family - our kids and my folks.

Whenever I make a "roast" of anything...I place the meat on a bed of luscious veggies, add a bit of salt & pepper and olive oil...this mixture leaves tasty drippings that make the best gravy...onions, garlic, baby bok choy, celeric root, carrots, squash and a sweet potato.
The Tina Turner concert was also an aniversary gift to ourselves. Fabulous concert...68 and still rocking...she is a woman of grace and style. If anyone has had a chance to hear Tina chant (a clip can be found at youtube), you know how her voice can resonate through your chakras.

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Gillian said...

Hey, give that Wii a go, you'll be happy you did.
I've never been happier than in the last four weeks of getting back to the gym. I've got my mojo back.
As for that roast, is there a seat for moi? I love a good roast. It's my British half speaking there!!!
Yorkies too, smushed up with gravy.
Oh I love your curly hazel tree, they are amazing!