Monday, November 24, 2008

Last year's tree and this year's "Season" is coming ffffffffffast!!

Some gifts are ordered, some are hiding, some need to be finished (knitting), some need to be started (knitting) - who would have thought my boys would like the toques I made for the gift drive to go with a toy? Son #1 already plucked one out for himself and I need to make two more now for hubby and Son #2. A little gift knitting while watching Christmas movies sounds like a good way to spend these dark cold evenings. My favourite Christmas movies...Bridget Jones -1 and 2 of course, The Holiday, The Family Stone, About a Boy, Love Actually and of course the classics which for me include Little Women (the new one).

On the night of the solstice I always burn a log in our outdoor's the last fire for the "drive the cold winter away". Sometimes I'll sit outside and watch the fire, all bundled up and sipping something Irish Mist or Bronte Sherry.

If you shop at the LCBO (ha!who in these parts doesn't?), each season, they offer a huge magazine filled with recipes both drink and food and I have to say each and every recipe is fantastic. Last night I made a chicken recipe - boneless, skinless breasts and stuffed into a big pocket you put, slivered almonds, fresh rosemary, brie, finely chopped dried figs, pepper and fold it closed; dip in egg, coat with a breadcrumb and slivered almond combination; brown in a bit of butter/olive oil; finish off in the oven. Yummmmmmmm.

I have to say this was DELICIOUS and I was the only one who thought so. Both Mr. and Mr.Son moved food around their plates like children. Figs? Brie? Together with chicken? You would think I was trying to poison them. And I wasn't...honest.

It's not my turn to cook tonight and I think they will be happy for that :>). Sheeeesh.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

That's a gorgeous tree! And frankly, your recipe sounds totally amazing. Unfortunately, brie is hard to come by here. Figs and almonds, however, we have in spades!

Leslie said...

Thanks for dropping by was a beautiful tree...this year I have put up our fake tree!!