Friday, August 28, 2009

Toronto and TIFF

I spent yesterday afternoon in the city, by myself, enjoying the fine weather, people watching and submitting our TIFF requests. TIFF signals the end of summer, but for me it is a beginning. I always find the autumn fresh and new and a time to reflect on the months gone by and look toward the future.

With those thoughts in my mind I wondered which way to go to spend the rest of my afternoon and early evening alone....the beautiful U. of T. Campus, the streets of Toronto, so many choices. In the end I decided to head for the lake. Supper at Queen's Quay, outside, overlooking Lake Ontario. A chance to actually spend some time in one of my favourite shops without someone standing by the door, waiting, arms crossed and tapping a foot.

I had lots of time, uninterrupted to be alone with my thoughts. I like that.

It was a good day.

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