Thursday, April 24, 2003

Funny stories and weird dreams. I had a dream last night and as most dreams go it was very very strange and hard to put all the pieces together the next morning. I was at a party by myself. My friend from high school, Barb, was there as was Brenda's sister Bev and lots of other people. Barb had someone I just had to meet, someone with the same interests as me and was interested in meeting me! She pointed him out....the most gorgeous looking man I've seen. Not only good looks, mind you, but more an aura of goodness, light, laughter, serenity and kindness. I didn't want to meet him. Barb and Bev were encouraging me. I wanted to meet him. I didn't want to meet him. Why? Perhaps his looks, I don't know. But I was encouraged. But still I didn't make the move. During the party at this big house with a big porch, I recall, I wandered over to the buffet table (natch!) and he followed. He had the most beautiful eyes and smile. He just stayed close by me, didn't say anything, smiled, looked good and got physically closer and closer to me. I was about to say something and start this meeting off because I felt some sort of connection and then *WHAM* Bryan arrived at the party late!


What does this mean? I haven't a clue. Brenda said I am probably not with the true mate I should be with, but that I'm loyal to the one I am with. Shame sometimes.



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