Thursday, April 24, 2003

Funny Stories

I want to write down some funny stories so I will never forget them.

Funny Story #1 At My Friend's House

My friend has two sons the same age as my boys. One day a friend of Adam's called on him. Adam and his brother David were downstairs in the basement on the computer. It was late on a Saturday morning. The only problem was Adam was in his boxers and t-shirt and to get clothes he had to pass the front hall where his friend was waiting for him. My friend called and called her son to the door....shuffle shuffle *boink* muffle muffle *boink* *bong* #@%^@!! sounds came from the basement. Finally Adam came upstairs to answer his call wearing his brother's clothes. Now the funny part ---- Adam is 6'3" and a big boy...his brother is 5'8" and slim. There was Adam with track pants up to his calves and a sweat shirt on that was 2 sizes too small, cuffs up to his elbows. What a funny sight. My friend went downstairs to see David, the younger brother....and there he is sitting in his undies because his brother wrestled his clothes off him.

Funny Story #2 On The Highway Caught in Time

Three of us were driving home from Kingston on a sunny Sunday afternoon after a recharging women's weekend. There seemed to be a traffic jam ahead on the 401 but we couldn't see what was causing it. Oh we thought, probably some elderly couple in their Winibago on their way home for the summer. Finally everyone was able to pass the "problem" and it was our turn to see what was causing the hold up. Well, we laughed and laughed and laughed. What to our wondering eyes did we see? A late 1960's VW van decorated with flowers and stickers and peace signs and there was the driver....long ponytail, headband and tie-died t-shirt. He couldn't get the VW to go more than 80 Km. We laughed and laughed and thought he just drove himself out of a time warp. Too funny.

Funny Story #3 POW

My dad just told me this funny story recently. At the tender age of 18 my dad was stationed in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, waiting for orders to go overseas and was granted a leave for a few days at Christmas time. He had wired home for money for the train, but back then transferring money wasn't as easy as it was now. There is my dad...longing to go home to see his fiance and parents and stuck between Digby and Cornwallis N.S. Along come a pair of military police and asked "hey sailor where are you going?" My dad explained to them his problem. Perhaps, being Christmas, the military police - probably not much older than my dad - took pity and offered him a way home to Toronto. They were to return to Toronto but didn't have a prisoner and there was space for 3 on their ticket. They ordered my dad to remove his navy uniform, which was replaced with prisoner garb. They handcuffed him and they all had a lovely train trip home. On arrival they gave him back his uniform.

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