Thursday, January 15, 2004

I have just discovered a great site. I would like to be sharing this site with Thea. She would have loved this one.

I'm still working on beading and I love it. I have a huge supply of beads, thanks to "Michaels" sale but I wasn't sure what else I needed. Once I got into the project I know now what all those other little bits of things that they sell are for. I must get some loops, crimp beads, filler beads, etc. There are some very good visuals of beaded necklaces on the above site. I initially was going to start with earrings but who would have thought they were the most difficult? I need to perfect manipulating the wires...practice!

Baby it's cold outside. -20C or less. Sunny though but very cold.

I need to work now - yes I do have a real job that takes up some of my time. But all I want to do is craft. Later today, once my work is done, I will bead some more.


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