Friday, June 29, 2007

Around the garden

The lettuce garden down the side of the house...great planter..what a crop.

How Rude! What's up with the Hen's & Chicks when they do this??? And I still don't know how 'Bert' got here in the first place. We're wanting to see who actually notices this guy on the front walkway.

Garden shed...or more correctly...The Mouse House.

Hanging herb gardens

Purple Clematis

Front porch


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Your garden looks so lovely. But I am esp. coveting the lettuce. How does it taste in comparison to what you get in the super market?

Leslie said...

Thank you. The lettuce tastes so fresh and crisp. I pick a handful or two of leaves as I need them.

Marianne said...

The lettuce planter is gorgeous! Thanks for your comment on my place! I'm Frida and I blog anonymously for safety reasons but your blog won't allow me to comment anonymously. From Frida's notebook.