Friday, January 18, 2008

It's winter.
New "do" ......and check out that Pashmina...a gift from my pal....I love the colour. Hair seems to be the topic of late.
I don't really like my hair long, or short, dark or light...(I'm think'n sometimes headscarves aren't such a bad idea..ummm maybe too hot though) and so when I went to visit Katherine this week she finally could do whatever she wanted. I came to her without pictures or ideas just desires lol. She clapped her hands and voila. A haircut perfect for Africa, India, Costa Rica, You Get The Picture - no trouble "do" at all. Not much hair at all, really.
I'm knitting - socks; and I've picked up my "slouchy cardigan" again...I think I will love this sweater to wear over"p.j's" post-op. Yikes less than 2 months now. I have lists to make.
I saw "Attonement" last weekend and really enjoyed it...though provoking....quandering type of movie that was visually beautiful. I had not read the book and I knew that I would not have gotten through it. The movie was fantastic for me. I hope to see "Juno", and maybe even a bit of a slush-fluff like "P.S. I Love You". Why not?
I've been experimenting with recipes from my new Christmas cookbooks - Jamie's and Nigella's. Trying to adapt the wonderful flavours to something more ww-approved.

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Mridula said...

That is a lovely shawl and lovely color. And thanks a lot for your comment on my blog and sharing about your kids in India. The comment was with me all this while it just somehow took me time to get back to your blog.