Sunday, January 27, 2008

very slow
very lazy
snuggled up and knitting
that is my idea of heaven
and the way one should spend winter
with movies
"Away From Her"...I sobbed through the entire movie, the tender bits and the sad bits. Sarah Polley is brilliant. "Juno" ...I found funny and smart and very sparky. "Atonement" was visually beautiful in all respects - hair/makeup/fashion/set decoration/the gardens/the mansions - and a lovely broody movie. I want to rent "La Vie en Rose" and then I should be on my way and ready for the Oscars!
I was browsing on eBay and looking for a certain sweater pattern, as I often do. And today I found it! This is the first sweater I ever made and of course I copied my pal as she started the sweater before me. This was back in 1970-something, maybe 1975 or 1976? I still have my original sweater, in grey, a little small but I still like it.

I think the modern version of this very retro sweater would be this handknit beauty designed by Stella McCartney.And perhaps another modern version would be Anna's "Flicca"...a pattern I have purchased and still look at longingly...waiting for the right yarn to go on sale!

Anyway..............the point is............winter is the time to snuggle down and knit.

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Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I agree! Knit away, knit away.
I plan to learn one day...
As for your comment re; the movie "the Namesake", I laughed and I cried. The best movie I have seen in a long time.
I am currently reading Atonement, and won't see the film until I finish the book!