Friday, January 04, 2008

My Most favourite Christmas gift - from my Pal Leslie

First the original photo - that is me looking at the (off-season) deserted film set of "Random Passage" in Trinity, Newfoundland. I love Newfoundland.
And look what Leslie did with that photo.......I love very own stamps.....The top portion -the big picture and one stamp will be framed once I find a frame..the stamps I will use but only to very special people of course. So, if you get some snail-mail from me...check the stamp.
First knitting project of the year - socks. I am determined this year to make socks that actually fit. I think I have it now - tiny needles, 2 mm. bamboo which are lovely to use, an ancient "BeeHive" sock pattern and "Trekking XXL" yarn. A few adjustments along the way and I have my own pattern.
The snow. I bought snowboots this year....for the past decade or so, my trusty Blundstones (with woolly socks) were sufficient for most of our winters. Not so this year...that pile of snow across the street is about 8' high and we have literally run out of places to put the snow! A melt-down is in the forecast though.
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Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Why I think if I wore those socks, I would be happy each and every day:-) Filled with personality!

Sara said...

Just stopping by to say thank you for visiting Come Away With Me and leaving your encouraging comment. I am enjoying your photos of snow! We are snow-deprived here where I live.

That's very cool about the postage stamps!

And I agree with Maryam about those socks - very cheerful and happy.