Sunday, July 27, 2008

My new shoes.....Dansko "Professional" clogs...and I have to say they are one comfortable pair of shoes. The arch support is wonderful, there is a big fat toebox that fits my big fat toes perfectly, I slip them on and immediately my feet feel better. Despite their appearance they are surprisingly light. At my post-op check-up, 7 weeks after having both my knees partially replaced...the doc said "good shoes, good support, high arch - like my shoes - that's what you need"! If a surgeon standing for hours on end finds these comfortable, I thought I might too. And I do.

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susanna said...

These look really comfortable and I like the colour.

PS: Starbucks has one me over, too. Especially their tall vanilla latte with 2 1/2 pumps instead of the usual three.