Friday, July 18, 2008

Aren't these pretty? New chocolates from Laura Secord. From left-to-right was (hehehehe note: "was" past tense) white chocolate with cardamom and cinnamon. I was surprised that this one was a disappointment, maybe it was the white chocolate. In the centre was lime and pepper (I think) and it was good. More lime would have been nice and it had a hot after-bite! My fave was the chocolate on the right and I can't remember what this one is called "African somethingorother" and it was good.

I'm having so much fun...turning into a bit of a technogeek - for me anyway. On the Boxing Day sales LAST year, one of Bryan's purchases came with an iPod Nano. It sat and sat and sat in the box and I threatened "If I learn how to use's mine".

Seven months have passed and the pod is mine all mine. I have been filling it with music, my favourite music. Fun. Fun. Fun.

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Kelly said...

geez I thought these were buttons till I saw Laura Secord written :)
They looked yummy!