Saturday, March 13, 2010


It is a dull and rainy day today...the snow has been washed away and this is good...spring is coming. 

I made a list of what to do today - paint, read, knit, and walk. The soft showers changed to a bit of a downpour so the walk was out.  I am always knitting and I will continue to knit intermittently throughout the day and evening...two projects with a spring deadline. . I like to read at night mostly, in bed. 

After playing with the camera, I set up to paint, prepared my space, sketched, had all my tools and inspiration nearby and painted.....the picture is now in the garbage...these things happen.

where I paint


why the ipod picture?  this is the ipod that took a bath with me several weeks ago...slowly it has been drying out...and this week I discovered that it plays my music...the screen is blank however and I have no control over what I listen to...playlist, fast forward, shuffle  are functions that no longer work...but the ipod is alive - sort of

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