Monday, March 29, 2010

Long weekend
Gardening time approaching
Another birthday soon 

This weekend is forecasted to be mild....the grass is just beginning to green-up a bit...more spring bulbs are pushing through....I'm thinking ahead...forever designing in my head....searched 'container gardening' and found these beautiful lush photos that have inspired the design that is inside my head.
I have a bucket similar to this...will I fill it with herbs or flowers?  Herbs on the patio beside the new bbq - cooking area, or flowers down in the bottom where it is lush and green and needs some colour
On the back patio, big pots filled with drought-hardy flowers and a vine that earwigs don't like.
House bricks are this pink colour...I like the purple ground cover, white clematis with the bright orange potted plant...this would work.

Now, to find a sturdy porch swing for the back patio

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