Thursday, February 20, 2003

It's a brilliant day today. And it's mild. Funny now, how we feel -1C is "mild". I'm looking back on this week and I think I have taken a "vacation for the soul". I have done absolutely no office work besides being here to take calls from 9:00 to 5:00 pm. There hasn't been many this time of year. I've read, I've crafted, I've stared outside, walked the dog, cleaned the house, did yoga practice from my new DVD, cooked and planned projects. Perhaps this week has been an alternative vacation for me.

I have projects and ideas and plans whirling around in my head. These ideas always come back to clothing. I want to make a vest. I want to make a very different vest. How so? Well, everytime I put a vest on it screams "cowboy" and with that comes hurt'n country & western music and I just want to throw up. So I must design a vest that says anything else but that. Hmmmm maybe some luxurious fabrics, embellishments, asymetrical design. It has to be something comfortable and loose and covers the stomach! I think I'll go and put my mind to that project right now.

I'd like my own room. Maybe the big bedroom so I can set up my loom, decorate with my things, my sanctuary.



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